The list contains interesting links with some focus on online tools.

Energy Charts:

Fraunhofer Institute ISE provides relevant data on all aspects of electricity generation in Germany. ISE intends to support the discussion and decision-making on the energy transition.

SW defined Radio:

A WebSDR is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver connected to the Internet, i.e. users listen with an Internet Browser. SDR technology, i.e. pure digital signal processing in usually one processor, makes it possible for many listeners to tune in independently and thus hear different signals.

Latex online word processor:

Overleaf is a powerful and easy-to-use latex online word processor with various templates for, e.g. books, scientific articles and of course, letters.

Arduino Web IDE:

Arduino is a software and hardware solution based on individual micro-controller boards with various inputs and outputs. The easy-to-set-up solution is programmable with the Arduino Web IDE. A perfect introduction to micro-controller applications.

Online programming portal:

The web-based IDE supports various programming languages, e.g. Python. If required, the user can program collaboratively and access a range of web resources.

Chrome Unboxed:

Fans of the ChromeOS operating system will find a lot of information here. In addition, the many reviews (youtube) are helpful.


Submit online petitions (e-petition) for the German Bundestag. The website explains and supports the process.

Microgrid Symposium: Annual international exchange on microgrids.
Online PCB design: Easy-to-use online Printed Circuit Design and ordering: circuit drawing, layout, 3D view and parts.


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